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aipassportphoto.com / 2020-04-28

We are a small group of tech adventurers who embrace simplicity and convenience with computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

The whole idea of making passport photos online without leaving home sprang up when COVID-19 started. Our crew leader Mark’s parents needed two 2 x 2 inches photos to renew their passports. His parents had to take the risk of driving to a local photo studio and taking photos without masks during the peak of the pandemic. After suffering through this whole tedious and time-consuming process, they were frustrated when their photos got rejected because their head positions in the photos were slightly off. They complained about it over the phone to Mark. That was the moment when Mark had the idea of having his parents to use mobile phones to take photos without venturing outside. He developed a web application that can automatically fix background, adjust head position, and crop photo to right size for his parents.

Mark later shared this useful passport photo tool on Reddit and found many people loving it. Seeing how it could potentially benefit a lot of people and save both time and money, Mark decided to turn this small idea into a standardized product. Currently we can support all kinds of passport/visa/ID photos across 120 countries.

Our group specializes in imaging processing with leading computer vision AI technology. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable online passport photo tool to simplify our life. Let’s take full control of our own passport photos. They are going to accompany us across the globe for many years to come!

If you have any cool ideas about computer vision in photo processing or any comments about our product, please feel welcome to share with us at support@aipassportphoto.com

Give it a shot!
Give it a shot!